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What if you looked at relationships Like An Ecosystem?

I'll tell you they'd be instantly less triggery. Suddenly, people who grind your gears or drain the hell out of you make sense. It's relieving to learn it wasn't personal after all – they were playing their role in nature. Likewise, you're not a failure for your natural tendencies, either.

Accepting our true nature and others' allows everyone to be true to themselves, accept (and even embrace, who'd'a thunk) our differences, shift expectations, and get along better. Plus, nature is a universal language, so a 3rd grader can understand this – no lengthy astrology, enneagram, or personality assessments needed.

5 Signs Understanding Your Personal Relationship Ecosystem Might be the Answer You're Looking For

  1. You wish your spouse/kid/parent came with an instruction manual so you could connect with them better.

  2. Someone grinds your gears like nobody's business and as much as you intentionally try to brush it off and choose peace or forgiveness, you still have that lingering, "I just don't f*ing get it. How could they ___?" thought pop up.

  3. You're ready to dive into your own true nature and discover what makes YOU tick.

  4. You'd love a universal metaphor to use to help the people you serve or care about be true to themselves, respect each other, and get along better.

  5. You want to cultivate more conscious connections moving forward.

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Woman Looking At Lake

I didn't need another book, I needed a translator! Not only did Skye help me understand my daughter, she helped my daughter hear "*my* heart, too.

– PAM H.  | California, USA

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Elemenschen Circle - Light

have you heard of elemenschen?

It's an incredibly accurate Personality System that:

• gives you permission to be your authentic self

• makes all the painful relationships *finally* make sense

• helps you instantly connect with others more deeply + effectively

only takes a few minutes to understand (no tests required)

discover your element here.


calculate your personal element + geek out on how it came to be!

Elemenschen Circle - Light
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