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Emotions are like waves that build and release. When the wave gets stopped prematurely, it doesn't "finish." It's like hitting pause on a crashing wave, wrapping it in an invisibility cloak, then stuffing it in your subconscious until it is safe to finish its process. After awhile, it grows and festers.


These hidden "energy infections" can end up affecting our emotional, mental health, physical, spiritual, and relationship health. They come from childhood wounds, of course, but can also be passed down generationally, or stem from emotions you've carried for other people, or from past lives.


When we "un-cloak" them in a safe space so they can finish their cycle without judgment, the relief is like popping a persistent pimple that's (finally) sooo ready! The whole world seems lighter, brighter, way more doable, and way less triggery.

5 Signs you need to tidy up your trauma

  1. You keep finding yourself in the same freaking patterns that you thought you'd already worked through.

  2. Something's "off" in your body – and you know it – but people (maybe even professionals) are telling you you're fine or they can't figure it out.

  3. The thought of someone genuinely smiling, looking you in the eye, and saying, "I'm so glad you're on this planet. Thank you for doing your best." makes you feel like laughing, crying, or hiding.

  4. One or more of your relationships is, well, let's save the novel and just say you "wish it was better."

  5. Sooo much therapy... and still feeling anxious, overwhelmed, burnt out, and/or directionless.

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Cool Girl

It's like there was a drought in my soul and Skye gave me a drink! She showed me how it started and what I can do to never have to experience that again. I finally feel like life is possible!

– EMILY A.  California, USA

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