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There's something magical about
face-to-face connections...

Keynotes + Workshops

 for YOUTH 

Leadership-based, music-infused transformational experiences to support young people in expanding their perspectives, uncovering their superpowers, and exploring the genius within them.


"It's time to come together, share hard truths, give yourself credit, transform your pain into passion, and start changing the world. You can do this. We'll start together."  –Skye


Common side effects of these programs include:
bully-proofing, suicide prevention, + miracles.

 for ADULTS 

Keynotes + Training

Studies prove that one conscious connection with an adult can change the trajectory of a young person's life.


"Coach K gave us tools to make an immediate, life-saving impact on teens – but it's also saved me from feeling dread and exhaustion!!  I've even reached the students I used to believe were unreachable! Skye's got some good stuff here – and I enjoyed every minute!"

–Dean Lorr, High School Security Guard, CA

Common side effects of these programs include:
safer schools, suicide prevention, burnout prevention, happier adults, happier teens

Personalized Coaching + Support


Uncover patterns that keep you stuck, build deeper connections, experience the heart-to-heart you dream is possible with your family.  Gain greater insight on the truths your teen is afraid to tell you and learn to see each other as human as you shift your relationship from parent-child to parent-young adult.


"I didn't need another book, I needed a translator!  Not only did Skye help me understand my daughter, she helped my daughter hear *my* heart, too."

–Pam H, Mom, California

1:1 Coaching


Having an unbiased person on the outside to support you in making sense of what's going on inside you and in your loved ones or fellow humans can be priceless. Those a-ha moments can unlock frustration and transform your connections into the joy + peace you desire.


"I made more breakthroughs in 2 hours with Skye than 7 years of traditional therapy!  My 16-yr-old son asked what happened to me after I was able to connect with him in the way HE needs that first day.  I feel JOY again – and it's sticking!  I knew life could be different... I just needed someone to get me and guide me!"

–T. W., Mom of 3, California

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