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Beginner Bucket Drumming Curriculum

legit percussion education you can transfer to any instrument




Fall in love with bucket drumming!

Smiling students
  • Feeling guilty your students are just copying pop beats on YouTube without building skills?

  • Are some students bored, while others don't get it, and some don't retain the details?

  • Are you new to drumming yourself?

You deserve to feel confident that you're enriching kids' lives through bucket drumming... not just [loudly] passing time!

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Peace of mind that students are learning the right things, in the right order.


Distraction-proof lessons, funsheets, and play-along videos + backtracks to maximize engagement.


Effective technique tutorials, accountability checks, and anxiety-relieving pep talks so students can confidently practice + perform together.

getting started is easy!



Choose your music.

Find the right music for your group + goals (I'll help you below!)



Choose your style.

Follow my lead or let me teach it for you (via video, funsheets, and more!)



Genuinely enjoy buckets!

You'll feel confident leading lessons + performances (and the kids will love it!)

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Just because the instrument is flimsy

Doesn't mean the education has to be!

If you're like me, you see bucket drumming as a fun, but not necessarily free play. You see it as an engaging, affordable way for kids to practice working together as a group.

But most bucket drumming music out there is either over simplified (not enough challenge) or over their heads (not enough success).

This leaves students distracted, or worse, defeated... which ends up sucking the fun right out of the room.

Lessons that empower students to feel successful and challenged are the secret to a fun + focused + motivated group.

I combined my experience playing/writing/teaching drumline cadences with the curriculum development I learned earning my Bachelor of Music Education degree and my ability to engage + teach beginners (a trick I learned as the oldest of 5 kids 😅) – and it worked like magic!

A few dozen teachers asked for my music + lesson plans after seeing one of my video lessons I accidentally marked "public" on YouTube in 2014. Over 15,021 schools have used it since (as of July 31, 2022). And now they're available for you to make magic with your students, too!

-Coach K

If the curriculum is written properly

and taught intentionally – bucket drummers of multiple

skill levels can learn fast, have a great time,

and feel on top of the world when they perform.

Find the Right MUSIC

for beginners

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Lesson Length: 1 fun afternoon

2 parts: beginner + beg-intermediate

3 variations

emphasis: grooving, 2 parts,

and memorizing by ear

✓ music score with 3 variations

✓ mp3 play-along backtracks

✓ instructional videos (via YouTube)


$10  Back-to-School Sale $5



Lesson Length: 6-8 week full curriculum

2 parts: beginner + beginner

grooves, fills, visuals, and more

emphasis: reading, playing,

and performing

✓ personal login for virtual classroom

✓ 14 instructional videos

✓ 5 funsheets

✓ music score

✓ parts posters

✓ worldwide 'bucket buddies'

✓ mp3 play-along backtracks

✓ play-along videos

✓ automatic progress tracker

✓ BONUS course: 

    "Performing with Confidence"

✓ and more!


Find the Right Music










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If you don't see your city pinned in the map, be a pioneer in your town as the

first teacher in your state/country to use Bucket Drumming 101 Curriculum TODAY!

teachers were stoked with the results.


Eustacia L, Maine, USA

"Just did this with my 7th grade music class. They loved it and were able to catch on pretty quick. Thanks for the lesson!"


Diane C, Mississippi, USA

"This was awesome! I love the way you break it down. Much more teachable! Thanks!!"


Jennifer E, Arizona, USA

"We have been working on Yuck for two weeks, and they are eating it up!!! My whole school is drumming! I love it!"

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Nothing gets energy moving quite like drums...

Drumming has been an integral part of every human culture since the beginning of humans. It's only recently that scientists have begun to measure WHY.

Drumming promotes physical AND mental health. It can regulate your heart AND emotions. It can bring people together in unity no matter what language, culture, experience, history, religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality they bring with them.

The physical act of drumming is a complex mystical tool that we, as humans, will never fully comprehend nor will we ever synthetically duplicate the power of natural human drumming.

Nothing gets energy moving quite like drums. Angry energy, excited energy, creative energy... Let your inner drummer do the talking!

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