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 Young Woman Contemplating

3 sessions - 2 weeks

WTF is going on with my ____?

A journey to the root of "what the f*ck is going on with my  health/job/relationship?"

(3) 55min sessions

Woman with Freckles

5 sessions - 4 weeks

OMG, that's what's going on with my ____?

Once we know what's going on, it's time to untie the knots + sort it out.

(5) 55min sessions

Happy Woman

9 sessions - 8 weeks

IDK, so let's f*cking do this.

Once you can say, "I Do Know!" you're ready to DO lots of somethings about it.

(9) 55min sessions

I've found that 3-9 sessions at a time is the sweet spot to really uncover truths, process the emotions, and align with a new groove.

Once you integrate the first round of shifts, we can dive into another round. Healing is cyclical, after all.

This also prevents a "mountain top experience" that fizzles out or Five years of Talk sessions with no-end-in-sight.


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Skye Starhawk Vest

Let's see if we're a great fit to work together + which package fits you best, too.

Folks are saying...

I made more breakthroughs in 2 hours with Skye than 7 years of traditional therapy!  I knew life could be different... I just needed someone to get me and guide me."

– T.W.  Parent | California, USA

Mother and Daughter Love
Woman Looking At Lake

I didn't need another book, I needed a translator!  Not only did Skye help me understand my daughter, she helped my daughter hear *my* heart, too."

– PAM H  Parent | California, USA

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