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Skye Starhawk Get to the Root

Restore Your Natural

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Then and Now Skye

Why You Need To Get to the root.

Your body logs everything that happens to you. Sometimes, it holds on to hard shit for you so your brain doesn't explode in the moment (thanks body!). When it feels funky, it's not trying to be an asshole – it's trying to be a good bff by telling you it's time to deal with something because you're ready + able now.


Translating the body's messages is my superpower.

(Fancy folks call me a "Certified Medical Intuitive")

I wouldn't have imagined what could change in my body. You'd be amazed by what can change in your body by getting to the root. License photos tell all... check mine out.

5 Signs you need to Get to the Root In order to Restore Your Natural Health

  1. You have compounded chronic health challenges that don't seem to truly resolve no matter what you try.

  2. You've experienced emotional or physical trauma and managed to survive... and now it's cropping up again.

  3. Your labs are coming back normal... yet your gut tells you something's off.

  4. You want to be proactive about genetic predispositions.

  5. You've accepted pain as a normal part of your life and don't remember what it feels like to not be in pain.

Ready to Start?
Let's Connect.

Not quite ready?
Check these out.

Smiling Woman

Our first session was monumental. I've been having nightmares for weeks (NOT NORMAL FOR ME) and last night... boom. Gone. And no more pain in the areas that were bothering me. My peace is priceless.

– C.B.  | Maryland, USA

Words Create Physical Reality


drumming heals complex trauma diagonal


past trauma bubbles up


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