YOUth are worth it.

"It's like there was a drought in my soul and Skye gave me a drink!  She showed me how the drought started and what I can do so I never have to experience that again.  I finally feel like life is possible!"

Emily A

California, USA

age 17

 workshop participant 

Keynotes + Assemblies

Inspire + equip your students to intentionally + mindfully respond to the challenges they're facing in our shifting world.  Skye's energy-packed presentations take YOUth on an engaging roller coaster of inspiring stories, validating messages, and transformational techniques.


Dude, What Happened?

Become bullyproof in 7 seconds – help bullies heal while you're at it!


What's Good?

Top tips for navigating stress, anxiety, and thriving in life.

45-90min (option for part 2 followup)

Got Superpowers?

Uncovering the superpowers hidden in your trauma + challenges.


Skye offers a series of workshops to help student leaders, performing arts students, and teams come together in discovering + developing their natural resilience, empathy, and creative solutions (which results in significant improvements in teamwork, discipline, and responsibility).  The goal is to catalyze lasting, intentional, positive change that will ripple out to families, friends, classrooms, strangers, and even "rival" schools.


Sticks + Stones Can Break Our Bones... But Words are like Elevators

Discover the effects of the energy behind words.  It'll shape your life.


The Empowered Empath

Step into your powerful purpose beyond surviving your sensitivities.


Conscious Connections

How to cultivate conscious connections with ANYONE.

reach out for more info, scheduling, etc.