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Live Events

Skye's energy-packed presentations take you on an engaging roller coaster of inspiring stories, validating messages, and transformational techniques to inspire + equip your group to embrace their humanity + leverage their intuitive genius to lift their communities.

Let's Create The Perfect Fit
Current Workshops:

Bath Time

45min-2hr interactive workshop

Dude, What Happened?

Go beyond existing near each other – make the most of your time + transform each other!


Who's it for?

Groups of 6-40 people who are ready to deepen their interpersonal connections + strengthen their empathy muscles. We'll need space to move around for this one! It can be geared toward teams/orgs who already know each other or are newly forming.

We Like You

45min - 2hr interactive workshop

Nurture Your Nature

Reduce triggers, improve communication, and organize your empathic clutter.

Who's it for?

Souls who are ready for a no-brainer framework that instantly validates their truth, is like the user's manual for understanding others, and helps them balance their relationship ecosystems. Option for 1-3 followup sessions to expand this skillset.


45min - 2hr interactive event

Intuitive Solutions

A series of "spotlight sessions" – intuitive readings + coaching for audience members.


Who's it for?

Open-minded empaths looking for intuitive guidance on personal, inter-personal, and spiritual connections. Even if you do not personally receive a reading, you will walk away inspired with new ideas + expanded perspective for your own next steps.

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Folks are saying...

Smiling Blond Woman

This made decades of family stress make sense in seconds!

– Amy  Mom + Energy Healer | California, USA

Skye has a flair for production and solid communication skills to manage large-scale events. I always look forward to working on Skye's programs!

– Khid H.  Theater Manager | California, USA

Red Chairs
Artist in Workshop

Skye helped me turn my most challenging class into my favorite class of the week!

– REESE L.  Middle School Teacher | California, USA

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