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A fun way to reinforce rhythms on Halloween for the rest of your teaching career!  So much support – a Substitute Teacher could easily manage these lessons!



• Each repeated exposure is embellished with deeper discovery opportunities for concept reinforcement and confidence-building. 

• Quick review segments are built-in before each new lesson. 

• New rhythm challenges are "sandwiched" between familiar, achievable rhythms so students can build on previous successes.

• Adaptable from simple rhythm training to playing on bucket drums to arranging for body percussion.

• Take an accelerated approach during 1 session or spead it out over 6 sessions (or YEARS!)  – as far as you get is perfect and complete!

• Grows with your students, so you can use it with every level every year and go deeper each time.


Easy to use as a "filler" piece at your next concert or performance – just have your students make up a name and keep the Halloween words a "secret musician trick" in their minds while they play!



• 80-page Google Slide Presentation (open on any device)

• Rhythm Matching Card Game

• Rhythm Training Sheet Music 

• Body Percussion Sheet Music

• Bucket Drumming Sheet Music

• Arrange-It-Yourself Funsheet

• Diminishing Rhythms Funsheet

• Rhythmic Dictation Funsheet

• Teaching Tips

• Guidance Videos from Skye



• Video instruction from Skye throughout

• Identify beat + rhythms using Halloween-themed phrases

• Chant rhythmic phrases in time (from 1 to 8 measures)

• All lessons are in the same file – make a note of where each class leaves off, scroll, click, and go!  Every class can go at their own pace – you can even make it a race!

• White background so you can see it easily while keeping the lights on in your classroom

• It's like PowerPoint, but you don't need to save the file to your computer and any updates or additions made each year are immediately available for you in real time – no new downloads necessary!



All the rhythms we covered in the 80-page Google Slides Presentation put together on 1 page like sheet music for cumulative learning.



Take the Rhythmic Training Sheet Music to the next level by playing the rhythms on different body parts!  Body Part Key included.



Apply the Body Percussion Sheet Music to bucket drums for even more fun!



Support your advanced and divergent thinkers with a "DIY" experience.  With this funsheet, students can easily create their own musical arrangement based on the rhythms we learned and their own key for body or bucket parts!  Can be completed in class or at home.



Support students in thinking about rhythms in a whole new context by practicing turning simple quarter-note and 8th note rhythms into 8th note and 16th note rhythms.  Example included.  Can be completed in class or at home.



A fun-and-easy way to introduce dictation.  You chant the Halloween-themed words rhythmically in time (2 to 8 measures at a time – Skye recommends 4) while students write out the rhythms you chant.  Example and detailed tips + instructions included.



The Body Percussion and/or Bucket Drumming versions can make great "filler" pieces for your next concert or performance.  Since students will be performing the rhythms, not chanting the words, no one will ever know it was Halloween-themed and it can work any time of year.  Have your students come up with a creative song title!



Watch Skye share a little more about Rhythms of Halloween HERE!

Rhythms of Halloween - Body Percussion, Bucket Drumming + more


    Level: Easy to Intermediate

    Unit Length: 1-6 30-minute sessions
    Optional Performance Length: 1 - 1.5 minutes
    Instrumentation:  voices, feet, legs, bellies, hands, buckets

    Grade Levels



    Resource Type

    Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Worksheet, Google Slides, Video


    File Type

    Compressed ZIP File
    PDF 7 pages
    (includes link to 80-page Google Slides Presentation)

    Be sure that you have applications to open these ZIP files before downloading and/or purchasing.  Google Slides can be accessed with or without a Google Account.


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tina C, Maryland, USA

    "I used different parts of this for all of my general music students Grade 1 - Grade 6! The kids loved it (and I lvoed that it saved me so much time)! Thank you Skye!"


    Copyright ©Bucket Drumming 101. All rights reserved by author, Skye "Coach K" Starhawk. This product is to be used by the original downloader only. Copying for more than one teacher, classroom, department, school, or school system is prohibited. This product may not be distributed or displayed digitally for public view. Failure to comply is a copyright infringement and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Clipart and elements found in this PDF are copyrighted and cannot be extracted and used outside of this file without permission or license. Intended for classroom and personal use ONLY.


    It's respectful, honring, and legally mandated to include the composer's information in Performance Programs and/or YouTube video descriptions:


    Skye Starhawk, born 1987
    Rhythms of Halloween was composed in 2018

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