drums, not guns

Skye's most popular curriculum


$8.00  On Sale Now! $1

fun + easy bucket drumming piece with many variations to keep all skill levels engaged as One

played by over 4 million students as of 2020!

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$88.00  On Sale Now! $44

scaffolded, multimedia bucket drumming mini-course for beginning music readers to put together a successful 3+ minute performance


Available to the public soon!

specially curated music, colors, and beats to calm your body + emotions in 99 seconds


Home Study Course

Registration Re-Opening
in 2021!

self-paced course with all the rudimental techniques you need to know from your first time holding sticks to auditioning for college

seasonal favorites

Where did BucketDrumming101.com go?

Percussion Education will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am called to focus my service to the world into my other passions: helping people get along better with themselves, others, and mother earth.  I'd still love to stay connected with you, though!  @eye_of_skye  @elemenschen


Tech support

Please contact your district's tech support or use Google if you have a technical challenge.  With only 24 hours in a day and a history of receiving thousands of emails about challenges beyond our control, we are simply not able to provide technical support for any percussion-related products at this time.  We hope you find the discounted prices to be a fair way to still make these products available to you, knowing we won't be available to teach you how to access your school email at home, make your internet go faster, or make your PowerPoint program run more accurately.

Does Skye still lead live assemblies, clinics, or workshops?

Yes, Skye still makes time for 6 music-related live events per year.  Contact our Event Manager for details – info(at)skyestarhawk.com.

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