Teaching in Strange Times...

Life-Saving Strategies to Keep Your Sanity,
Fuel Your Soul, & 
STILL Reach Students' Hearts

with Skye Starhawk

Whether you're in survival mode and need to do something before you lose your mind, you want to nourish your own soul because you're finally starting to believe you're worth it, or you're mostly curious about connecting with students from a distance, Skye's message may hold the answers you've been searching for...

Why now?

Skye can help anyone cultivate conscious connections in a time where dis-connection is more prominent than ever before. Skye's traumatic, psychologically isolated childhood drove her to master the art of building inclusive, transformational programs for students. She will help your audience turn today's most distanced classes into compassionate, connected communities.

With practical advice + strategies that they can implement right away, teachers will walk away with the tools + knowledge they need to use their curriculum as a vehicle to make a significant impact on the lives of students (and perhaps even enjoy teaching) in these strange times.

There is no greater time to invest in resilience education, mental health, and socialemotional learning.

Make an impact without burning out.

Artist in Workshop


"Skye helped me turn my most challenging class into my favorite class of the week!"


– REESE L.  Middle School Teacher | California, USA

Not your average virtual speaker

With years of practice speaking on camera, producing videos, and editing, Skye can deliver hours of engaging content virtually while ensuring you have a memorable experience. Whether on stage or screen, Skye brings authentic, engaging energy.

 In this energizing + eye-opening session, you’ll learn about:

  • How the words you use can shift the entire energy of your connection with one student and/or the whole class

  • Understand how stress shows up for you personally + how to to recenter when it does

  • Highlighting our authenticity/True Nature

  • Simple tweaks to honor your students' True Nature through your regular curriculum

  • How to create lessons tailored to the students' most important needs so they're inspired to take ownership of their learning

  • The REAL enemy of connection (not COVID-19)

  • How to trigger/balance our Relationship Ecosystems

  • Empowering students to make life + career choices that are aligned with who they are as a person, not what society conditions them to believe about themselves

  • The exact words/magic phrases your students need to hear to get their minds (on track?)

  • Dealing with setbacks

  • Share Elemenschen with your students and bring new meaning into their lives

  • Create Culture of Conscious Connections which inspires + impacts your students

  • Teach to each student's individual nature instead of teaching to a bunch of bricks in a wall (if that's important to you).

  • Communicate with more self-belief + self-confidence

Skye Starhawk

Conscious Connections Coach + Speaker

Why Skye?

In these interactive, soul-shifting trainings, Skye shares what she's learned on her exhausting 20+ year journey of figuring out how to please everyone.  As the oldest of 5 in a high-conflict family, a former public school teacher, a near-death survivor, and a professional development trainer + curriculum developer serving over 12,200 schools + organizations in 27 countries, Skye has experienced the gamut of human connections.

In 2017, she realized that each and every one of our connections – smooth, bumpy, and in between – could make sense when related to the 8 elements in nature.  This unlocked the secret to proactively strengthen relationships, release reactive patterns of taking things personally, and honor each person's unique needs, desires, and stressors without any lengthy assessments.

Captivating, compassionate, and lovingly honest, Skye brings practical tools inspired by the elements of nature to help you create environments where people thrive because each person's "true nature" is balanced and honored.

3 virtual event options

Instant Insights

For groups who want to learn simple, doable strategies to connect + meet each other's needs quicker, deeper, and more inclusively.

2 hour

Total Transformation

For groups who intend to apply these connection principles directly to their students/clients in addition to their own families + friends.

half day

World Impact

For groups who intend to equip their students/clients with a basic understanding of these connection principles so they can apply them in themselves + their peeps.

full day w/meet + greet

Skye's Guarantee

Skye is here to help you change your teaching and your life.  That’s why we invite you to fully implement everything Skye provides to make your event a success (including marketing materials, bio, pdf downloads, and more).  If you don’t feel she's delivered on her promise to provide your audience with the framework to instantly understand themselves and their students in a game-changing way, she’ll happily refund 100% of your money.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  We’ll ask for a checklist of everything on the Agreement to ensure both parties upheld their promises and authentic reviews from at least 51% of participants (to make sure it's an accurate assessment) within 24 hours of her final presentation and ask what didn’t work for your organization (so she can learn and improve).  This is a firm deadline.

Skye is only here to serve the people she is well suited for.  She firmly stands behind the integrity and value of this message and her reputation as a transformational coach and speaker in this industry.

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