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Let's get your website to beautifully + effectively reflect your vision + mission!


My goal is to provide doable input to uplevel your existing site so it's easier to use, feels like you, and converts more visitors into sales.




We meet for 90 minutes via Zoom.


I share my first impressions, little tweaks that could make a big difference, and brainstorm just about anything with you – from font families to wordsmithing to secret photo edits to simplified navigation.  


You take notes and receive a courtesy recording to refer back to as you or your developer make updates.


We meet once more for 20 minutes to take a look at your updates (within 30 days).

90min Everything Goes Power Session

$375.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
  • FAQ

    How does the 20 minute follow up session work?

    You reach out to me within 30 days of our initial 90 minute session to let me know you have accomplished some/all of the edits and updates and that you're ready for me to take a glance at them with you.

    I put you on my schedule (this may go over the 30 days depending on my schedule) and send you a Zoom link.

    For 20 minutes, you show off your changes, I ooh + awe and make comments about little tweaks I may recommend such as "Try that heading font 2pt smaller so it all fits on 1 line" or "I love the new photo you added, I think if you crop out the tiny lamp post on the right, it will draw our attention exactly where you want it."


    What if we don't finish my whole website?

    There is SOOOO much we can go over in 90 minutes.

    That said, creating an awesome website that reflects the beauty + genius inside of you can easily take 200+ hours.  So you'll be off to a great start with 90 minutes with plenty of tasks to complete... and there will always be more.

    You'll feel more confident and hopeful... and, just like any physical regimen, when you start to feel better about how you look, you'll be inspired to do more.

    Many of my clients feel like they get on a roll, so they end up booking more sessions for their business card, flyers, logos, video intros, memorial slideshows for loved ones...

    I won't pressure you into coming back, but I'll definitely be here and have your back.

  • Terms + Conditions

    The recording of our session are provided to clients as a courtesy and are not part of the consultation fee. Client acknowledges that Skye is not responsible for inability to provide session recordings in the event of equipment failure or for any other reason, and understands the recording can take up to 7 days to be made available for digital download.

    Client is responsible for contacting Skye via email or text within 30 days of their initial 90-minute session to schedule the 20 minute follow up. If client does not reach out to Skye within 30 days, their 20 minute follow will be forfeited.

    Cancellation + Tardiness Policy: Skye will contact the client via as many means possible in the event of an emergency requiring a reschedule. Client will contact Skye via as many means possible in the event of an emergency requiring a reschedule. Client may cancel or reschedule the appointment with 48hrs notice for a full refund or reschedule. If Skye is tardy to the appointment for any reason including technical errors on her side, Client will be credited the number of minutes delayed. This may be tagged onto the end of the session or at Skye's earliest convenience depending on her schedule. If Client is tardy to the appointment for any reason including technical errors on their side, the appointment will still end at the scheduled time out of respect for Skye's next client. Please be sure to test your Zoom app, microphone, and camera ahead of time to ensure a smooth experience for all.

    All sales are final. No refunds.

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