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You choose 2 pages you'd like me perform a General Design Audit on... and I give you visual markups!




STEP 1 (you)


You choose 2 pages you'd like to have audited.


STEP 2 (you)


If it's not already obvious on your current website, you'll send me a short video or voice memo sharing your vision, mission, ideal customer, and if there are any specific reasons you chose the colors, fonts, photos, or general layout you currently have.


The most helpful things you can share before we start are what you like about your website and what you want to uplevel.


STEP 3 (me)


I'll look over your website to get the general feel, then I'll take a thorough look at your 2 pages.  I'll take screenshots of each segment of your page and mark them up (like a school teacher!) so you have a visual understanding and record of my recommendations for yourself and/or your team.


STEP 4 (together)


I'll send you the markups and then explain them to you over Zoom for up to 15 minutes.



Desktop and Mobile versions count as separate pages.  You may choose both the desktop + mobile version on one page or two desktop pages or two mobile pages.

2-Page Design Audit

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
  • Terms + Conditions

    If a voice memo or video is not submitted to Skye within 3 days of purchase, she will do an audit based on her background knowledge, keen eye, and conversion-minded discernment. Markups will be returned to you via email within 10 business days. All sales are final. No refunds.

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