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Imagine living authentically, in harmony with Mother Earth, connected to a circle of conscious people who "get it"...

I'm Skye.

An Earth-loving, intuitive coach + speaker for empathic souls who are ready to cultivate more conscious connections with + for the young people in their lives.



My work (+ this site) is devoted to nourishing your soul

with ideas, tools, and resources that will

help you cultivate conscious connections

with yourself, your people, and mother earth.

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Elemenschen Starter Kit

Intentional + extremely useful.

Funsheets, charts, playlists, and more.

All (free) for you.

Elemenschen Chart on Phone

Calculate your personal element in seconds based on your date of birth.

Elemenschen - Magic Words Graphic (2).pn

Most people say, "omg, this explains everything!" when they do this step.


One-page cheatsheet to strengthen your connection with each element.

Get the Freebies - HOME


"I get the most hardened youth to open up + believe in themselves in minutes."  Here's how:

Skye shares part of her story + strategies to inspire youth to transform their trauma, transcend the statistics, and pursue their unique purpose.

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