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learn the secret to helping others unlock their most triggering connections


create the conscious connections they always dreamed of

Ever wish people came with instruction manuals taped to their forehead?

Nature's Guide for Conscious Connections LIVE

An interactive event for those seeking inspiration + practical guidance for cultivating genuine  connections.

Bring Skye to your organization to demonstrate the nature-based framework to understand, navigate, and cultivate healthy human connections.

Choose from an uplifting keynote, half day, or full day of powerful presentations filled with immediately applicable, hands-on learning.

"It's easy to remember + teach others because it's all based on nature!"

– Kristine Gott, LMFT, Mom of 2

ready to receive nature's guidance for conscious connections?


Get Your Feet Wet

For groups who want to learn simple, doable strategies to connect + meet each other's needs quicker, deeper, and more inclusively.

Colleagues Working Together

Wade In

For groups who intend to apply these connection principles directly to their students/clients in addition to their own families + friends.

Support Group

Dive Right In

For groups who intend to equip their students/clients with a basic understanding of these connection principles so they can apply them in themselves + their peeps.

Get Your Feet Wet

90-minute keynote + 30-minute group Q+A


Skye shares her personal story of what led to her becoming obsessed with developing skills to build balanced relationship ecosystems where every individual is honored, appreciated, and serves a purpose with the greater whole. Practical guidance for understanding the people... gain more clarity...'ll never look at anyone – family, clients, or TV characters – the same again.

Key Highlights

Learn about the connection rhythms of all 8 elements in nature and how they directly parallel human connection.

Zoom out: Observe how our connection rhythms play out in the bigger picture of our greatest needs, desires, and struggles.

Explore everyday rhythms of connection and how they reflect the values of you, your family, and your clients.

Experience a live demonstration of the impact you can make by helping students/clients identify + honor the nature of their current connections.

1 - Get Your Feet Wet

Skye Starhawk

Conscious Connections Coach + Speaker

The Scoop

In these interactive, soul-shifting trainings, Skye shares what she's learned on her 20+ year journey of figuring out how to please everyone.  The oldest of 5 in a high-conflict family, a former public school teacher, a life-long learner, and a professional development trainer + curriculum developer for 14,841 schools in 37 countries, Skye has experienced the gamut of human connections.

In 2017, she realized that each and every one of our connections – smooth, bumpy, and in between – could make sense when related to the 8 elements in nature.  This unlocked the key to proactively strengthen relationships, release reactive patterns of taking things personally, and honor each person's unique needs, desires, and stressors without lengthy assessments.

Captivating, compassionate, and lovingly honest, Skye brings practical tools inspired by the rhythms of connection in nature to help you create environments where people thrive because each person's natural rhythms are balanced and honored.

It's like knowing their Enneagram or Myers Briggs Type without having to take an assessment!

2 - Wade In

Wade In

half day interactive workshop


She takes her audience on a journey of mapping out their current connections as they relate to nature, leaving participants inspired to (take action) as soon as she leaves the stage.

Key Highlights

Learn how to speak...

Discover how to identify the individual nature of connection between every person you meet/client you serve

Identify behaviors that will help your clients improve their current connections into balance.

Practical guidance for understanding the people... gain more clarity clarity clarit 

1 day interactive workshop + special connection session

Dive Right In

Key Highlights

Validate + empower: Give clients the confidence to honor their own (and each other's) individual "needs of nature" to heal + build conscious connections.

Tools for continued growth: you'll leave with a file of tangible tools to help your clients excel in cultivating conscious connections,  for the rest of their lives.

Learn how to approach connections in a way that informs + inspires instant behavior change.

Explore opportunities to use nature rhythms to support conflict resolution, honor individual needs with compassion and true understanding, and take personal responsibility for life. 


Special "meet + greet" connection session with Skye the night before to get inspired + comfortable, ready to immediately hit the ground running in the morning!

Map your own connections to gain a firsthand understanding of the process of mapping your clients' connections – and authentically empathize with their inevitable "aha moments."

Leave with the groundwork + an action plan to make a significant impact on the lives of others as immediately as a phone call on the way home from the workshop.

She takes her audience on a journey of mapping out their current connections as well as how to gain a broader understanding of their clients' connections.  Participants will leave with the groundwork + an action plan already in place to make a significant impact on the lives of others as immediately as a phone call on their way home.

3 - Dive Right In

Create environments where people thrive because each person's natural rhythms are balanced + honored.

pick your best fit

*meet + greet is the night before


get your feet wet



Keynote: The Quickest/Foolproof Way Help Your Clients Heal Current Connections + Forge New Ones

Group Q+A

starting at $6,000



wade In






Intro Session: get the gist

Break: get your ducks in a row

AM Session: map it out

Lunch: can't stop talking about it

PM Session: instant application

starting at $10,000

full day

dive right in







Meet+Greet: face-to-face = magic

Intro Session: get the gist

Break: get your ducks in a row

AM Session: map it out

Lunch: can't stop talking about it

PM Session: deeper instant application

starting at $15,000


Skye is here to help you change your teaching and your life.  That’s why we invite you to fully implement everything Skye provides to make your event a success (including marketing materials, bio, pdf downloads, and more).  If you don’t feel she's delivered on her promise to provide your audience with the framework to instantly understand themselves and their students in a game-changing way, she’ll happily refund 100% of your money.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  We’ll ask for a checklist of everything on the Agreement to ensure both parties upheld their promises and authentic reviews from at least 51% of participants (to make sure it's an accurate assessment) within 24 hours of her final presentation and ask what didn’t work for your organization (so she can learn and improve).  This is a firm deadline.

Skye is only here to serve the people she is well suited for.  She firmly stands behind the integrity and value of this message and her reputation as a transformational coach and speaker in this industry.

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