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Finally.  A place to be unapologetically you.  Within a circle of people who get it.

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welcome home.

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Connect with people who welcome your truth at full volume, who hold space for your journey, who are doing the work themselves, who are as grateful + intentional as you are.

Create the change you're seeking + practice it in a safe space among supportive people who understand the road you're on and will lovingly hold you accountable so you can take the new you out into the world feeling secure + confident.


Contribute to people who are ready to receive your wisdom.

Being a mindful person is one thing.

Being surrounded by them is another.

7 challenges I imagine you deal with regularly

see if they sound about right...

1 – You intuitively pick up others' feelings + sense their needs


You love connecting with others, but feeling all their stuff drives you to stay in sometimes.  Don't always know what's yours and what's theirs immediately.

2 – You're more aware than most


May feel like a blessing or a curse at times. Can make it hard to enjoy yourself when you look at the world.

3 – You're a badass who rarely needs help


You've always been competent, you couldn't imagine life any other way.  You've had a few moments of feeling like you may be ready to allow help recently, though.

4 – You lived for so long "always in action" (and secretly guilt-ridden for how exhausted you felt) and it feels anxiety-provoking to slow down



5 – You have seemingly endless stores of compassion


You're left feeling lonely when people don't understand you.  People take advantage of your compassion.  Shielding is exhausting.

6 – You have so much to give


You're depleted and don't understand sometimes why people don't appreciate + reciprocate.  Saying no is really hard.

3 way to grow with Skye:

"Let's fly" Total Transformation

6-months custom-tailored, get-you-through-your-biggest-blocks, pile-on-the-miracles coaching

Personal, 1-on-1 coaching tailored to overcome your biggest blocks so you can reach levels of feeling good in your life + create the kind of purposeful impact that fulfills your soul.  This deep coaching is for individuals or families who have begun the intentional journey of inner healing (or are so ready to), who have a vision of what they want to be/feel/do, and they want serious mentorship + support to heal and forgive, create a life full of passion + purpose, and cultivate conscious connections over the course of half a year.  I only work with 4 selected clients like this each year.  If you need a miracle and are willing to do the Deep Inner Work to truly thrive, let's talk. 

these clients typically say:

"I'm so ready to fly, Skye.
Let's do this!"

"Reach for stars" Personal Intensive

4-day in-person deep human coaching

Over 4 days, you’ll soak up the most intentional, impactful, life-changing coaching that you've ever experienced. It’s your opportunity to fill the gaps in your education + identify what your soul really wants to do in life. You'll do the Deep Inner Work necessary to see your own blind spots + walk away with solid action steps + strategies you can implement immediately to make miracles happen in your life. Leading a purposeful, sustainable life is possible! (and it doesn't always require a college degree!)

these clients typically say:

"I just want to be able to _________. 
I'm open to trying just about anything!"

"Get un-stuck" Strategy Session

2 hour In-Person or Skype/Facetime Coaching

these clients typically say:

Sometimes we just feel stuck and we need someone who sees the big picture with compassion + complete honesty to guide us in getting unstuck.  It's nothing to feel ashamed of – it's a human thing.  In just 2 hours, we can broaden your perspective, gain more clarity in which direction you want to go when you get unstuck, get you most of the way out mentally, then get some actionable steps to move forward.

"All I know is this isn't how it's supposed to be + I want to get out of this rut. Like, yesterday.

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