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Love Locks

This journey is about releasing obstacles to Love – in our bodies, minds, and relationships.

To do this, we need to shine a flashlight on the "energy clutter" we may or may not be aware of in the shadows... and honor it.  (have to see them, notice I didn't say fight them?)

This requires... (That stuff didn't get tucked away into shadows because we felt safe to have it... much less show it. Gotta feel safe and trust you'll be met with compassion. I have a strange handful of experiences that allow me to empathize more greatly. I had abilities to perceive energy and roots as a kid, it's the experiences I've had that allow me to see the energy AND empathize. Like AA... you can trust the people who are there for you because they've been there.  The opposite of a cis male gyno telling you "you'll get through it" or "here's a prescription" vs a cis female gyno who overcame endometriosis who ca say, "I know this hurts more than anyone around you can understand, I know it feels lonely and scary, I know it's possible to relieve some pain and possibly even overcome it. I'm on your team." And touches your shoulder, looks into your eyes, and says, "Are you ready to talk about some options? I'll send you home with a list of what we talk about so you don't have to remember it all on your own in this one shot convo."

I create a safe, compassionate space ---

My experiences have equipped me to be able to balance seeing the true you underneath the gunk of life and empathize with the human suffering side of it all.  I keep it real.


Big-hearted parents who strive to be the best they can with + for their kids/improve this generations connection, sense of self, drive, true to self, confidence, etc. They may not have had ideal role models of how to live reflective, balanced, harmonious, conscious lives... but they're open-minded and willing to learn. But even with all they learn... there are still patterns that crop up, they still might not feel tip-top in their body, and even though they're gaining tools to reconnect when things don't go beautifully between them and their kids, they still really wish it could go smoother. And they're willing to do the work on themselves to make it so. (Gaining outside tools has been life-changing... and now it's time to pause the gathering process and go within to uncover and release some of the deep hidden stuff so it doesn't inadvertently get passed onto their kids -- You're doing great work, at least you hope so.  You know it's different from your parents. You just need a little soul-level support. Even if you struggle to feel like you're worth it... you know your kids deserve a parent who feels lighter, healthier, and better able to connect. Not just emotional support from a therapist, not just physical support from a doctor... but soul-level, heal the shit for real at the root, set yourself free, reboot, reset, unlock and thrive kind of support. --You want to set an example for your kids of what it's like to be an intentional parent, plant those seeds of what they deserve by how you are able to show up with and for them. -- The communication skills, conscious toys, and respectful parenting techniques help. And. Imagine what tidying up your energy can do for YOU and by extension, them.  What do you think would change for your kids if YOU felt better? If you felt better than you do today, can you see the trajectory of your kid's life change 10 years from now when they're going through XYZ and had you as a role model of doing the work, reflecting, doing deep soul healing work to come out of your cocoon and shine bright.  Imagine how safe they'll feel.

Hey, friend.

This journey is about uncovering + tidying up obstacles to Love – in our bodies, minds, and relationships. To remove the obstacles, we have to see them (some are well-hidden). This requires honest reflection, expanded perspective, and feeling safe in a judgement-free cocoon of compassion (a tall order, especially for empaths who endured trauma). I create that safe space and share tools + messages to catalyze our collective journey toward (lives that actually FEEL GOOD) healthy bodies, peaceful minds, and radiant relationships. It's possible... not always pretty... but totally possible. And worth it!


Cheers to conscious evolution, my friend!  Let's dig in!



This journey is about releasing obstacles to Love – in our bodies, minds, and relationships. To remove the obstacles, we have to see them (some are well-hidden). This requires honest reflection, expanded perspective, and, sometimes, an intuitive guide who can see your blindspots AND hold a safe space for your truth. Whose lived experience + dedication to their own healing unlocked their genuine empathy. Who offers practical tools for excavation + healing. It's my honor to serve as a guide to bring us together in conscious evolution toward Love.

This journey is about releasing obstacles to Love – in our bodies, minds, and relationships. To do this, we need to zoom out and shine a flashlight on the "energy clutter" in our inner world (aka "shadow work"). This process requires feeling safe in a judgement-free cocoon of compassion.  I create that safe space, hold up a mirror for you when you need it, and share practical tools to empower your journey of conscious evolution.


This isn't what I told my kindergarten teacher I'd be doing when I grew up – but it's my jam.




If you've landed here, you are probably a curious/inquisitive, passionate, energetically sensitive soul. I'm curious/intrigued – what's the transformation you're craving, new friend? What's been brewing inside you? Tugging at your soul saying, "my dear... it's time to SHIFT THIS SH*T!"?


I'll bet you know what it is. Even if it feels a little scary, irresponsible, or unrealistic.

Is it a pain in your body you've lived with but can't put off looking into/now you're healing and feeling like you deserve to heal it/it needs to be checked out? Maybe your health is out of whack... maybe you want your spark back (another way of saying?)... or maybe you're motivated to heal your/shift some sh*t because you don't want these generational scars to land on your kids' shoulders.

Whatever your obstacle is – it's probably getting in the way of your connection to yourself, the people around you, and the planet.

Something inside of you is saying, "How do these days keep passing by? I want to live intentionally and feel fully alive."

It hasn't always been this way. You’ve brought about changes in the past – in yourself, in your family, your workplace, your community. You're pretty badass, actually. That's why this deep thing gnawing at you.

You are likely an unconventional and adventurous person. You don't believe the conventional way is necessarily best. You are comfortable exploring unconventional perspectives and methods to solve problems. Whatever works!

You believe in our bodies’ wisdom. You believe that both science and spirituality are critical aspects of the human experience. You appreciate modern medicine while recognizing that we may never fully understand the whole picture of our bodies. You want to fully support your body’s self-healing capacity before relying on pharmaceuticals.


You value science AND your intuition. 

You care deeply about creating a positive impact and driving more humanity into our society. You know that as a society and as a human race, we can do better. 

what most people don't know about me


For most of my life, I was compulsively the strong one. I ate stupidly clean, upheld painfully high moral standards, and still suffered too many physical health crises to count. I knew something was off. But I believed it was my own doing. I also believed it was my moral obligation to hold everything together. It didn't feel worthy of admitting I wasn't ok – not even to myself. I didn't realize my desperate over-functioning was trauma driven.


The past held me hostage for decades. As a drumline coach my 20’s, I would sometimes have to teach lying flat on my back on the band room floor holding back tears of physical pain. I was chronically ill with two handfuls of life-threatening illnesses, dis-eases, and infections... all the while, people knew me as a positivity powerhouse, a go-getter, a change maker. People assumed I was healthy, that my marriage was rock solid, and that I had too many friends to bother with the likes of them. But I was actually lonely-af in a tumultuous relationship, fearing for my life.


People look at me today and assume I must have always been physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. The reality is I started this journey after the age of 30.



I’ve fallen on my face a million times in the process of healing and creating a life that both nurtures + challenges me. Learning to be gentle was possibly the hardest lesson of my life, and much of it came achingly slow – two steps forward, one step back. Once the patterns of forgiveness, self-love, and following joy gathered momentum and gained a stable place in my being, I experienced exponential change and transformation. To this day, I’m still learning to be gentle.



This work is a way for me to express appreciation for my journey and the healing I’ve been blessed with. By learning to listen and care for ourselves, we become better citizens of every community and environment we engage in. Supporting people who are creating a better world for all of us nourishes my spirit.



I'm a highly-intuitive, quadruple(!) Sagittarius with more than a hint of Autism. So ground yourself before we talk... because "honest" is my middle name.

I'm a hyper-creative, Earth-loving believer in humanity. Humanity definition (see phone)

Skye Eyes

11 random facts about me...

IMG_2292 2_edited.jpg


I'm grateful for doctors + therapists. I'm more glad that they... (bold statement about industry)

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land acknowledgement

With respect to the land and those who have come before us, we acknowledge that we work on the lands of the Payómkawichum (Luiseño) and Cahuilla people in California.

Since our birth, we have resided on, worked on, and deeply benefitted from unceded land that was never given, sold, or agreed upon to be shared.  Healing can only begin if we shine a light on the truth in the shadows first: Millions of humans who called and call this land home were forced into genocide, slavery, reservations, and residential schools. Indigenous people are still here and, to this day, Indigenous children have the highest rate of being removed from their families.

If you would like to find out which territory you are living or working on, go to Native Land.

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